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Cleaning Out Your Gutters :: Posted by: Admin on August 27th, 2012

Guttering with Autumn Leaves

Cleaning your guttering

As the autumn rapidly approaches it’s the ideal time to start to get things ready for the winter. Things like putting away the garden furniture, tidying away those empty flower pots, oiling the garden tools so they don’t rust over winter. But I bet one job you won’t be thinking of is cleaning out you gutters and drains?

The importance of cleaning your gutters out

It is very important to clean any fallen autumn leaves out from gutters and drains before the winter comes and the rain washes the leaves down the downpipe or drain and blocks it up, leaving you out in the cold trying to unblock it or worse you leave it and the gutter or drain overflows and creates damp problems in your house.

Cleaning the gutter is a simple job that doesn’t have to take too long. The key is to clean the leaves out before they get too wet and start to rot and break down. You can hire an extension ladder if you don’t own one (always observe health and safety whilst on a ladder). You can use a bucket or rubbish sack to collect the leaves into working from one end to the other, you may also have moss and sand from the roof tiles in the gutter also, remove as much as you can.

Now for the drain, remove any leaves and rubbish from the drain if it’s an open type, make sure you are wearing gloves for this job and always wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Prevention is better than cure

You can help prevent a build up of leaves and moss in your gutters and drains, you can buy a leaf guard that fits on your gutter to prevent leaves from getting into the gutter but allows water to flow in, and for the top of the downpipe you can buy a balloon type leaf guard that fits into the top of the downpipe preventing any leaves from going down the pipe, and for the open drain, you can buy a drain leaf guard, these are normally universal and you cut them to still allow the pipes that go into the drain.

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