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How To Make A Painting Job More Enjoyable :: Posted by: Admin on January 6th, 2017

How To Make A Painting Job More Enjoyable

Paint brush on paint tin

Plenty of people love to do work around the house. Whether that means patching a hole in a wall, building a new shelving unit, or some more involved remodelling, there’s something nice about getting the job done. Whether you’re one of these people passionate about home upkeep or you’d rather take a hands-off approach, there are always creative ways to make a household task a little more comfortable and enjoyable.

Take painting a room. This is one household job that a lot of homeowners can decide to have some fun with. Still, the act can still be a bit tiresome, not to mention nerve-racking if you’re worried you might get something wrong! For anyone considering a fresh coat of paint on the walls heading forward in the new year, here are a few tips for how to make the most of your project.

Dress The Part

A lot of amateur painters choose to wear some old, ratty clothing with no shoes or socks and get to work. That’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to ruin any clothes you care about, but you can do better by putting together a painting uniform that will keep you comfortable and secure while you work. House Painting Info has a wonderful rundown of what to wear that includes tips like a bandana or hat to keep paint out of your hair, protective eye goggles, and shirts and pants that you don’t mind getting dirty, but aren’t so loose that they’ll brush against freshly painted surfaces. It’s also mentioned that old shoes you won’t mind ruining are better than going without footwear, for the sake of stability and, if you happen to need to climb a ladder, safety.

Bring In The Music

Having some music or even a favourite radio programme or podcast going while you work can help to pass the time and make the task more fun. These days, there are plenty of Bluetooth speaker options that you can set up across the room from where you’re working to ensure the speakers don’t get ruined. You can also take things a step further and consider a more heavy-duty speaker system, as there are actually plenty of them designed for rugged or messy activities. These can handle a little more wear and tear than your standard Bose . A radio or set of speakers like these can come in handy for all kinds of household tasks, and you’ll likely be far less concerned about a fleck of paint or two getting on it.

Find Something Fun To Paint

You can always tackle a room in your home, but one way to have more fun and worry less with the project is to work on something outdoors. As we approach the spring season you might be considering some new additions or improvements to make on your garden. There are few things better than a lovely garden gazebo where you can have a breakfast or read and Screwfix points out a number of different models that can provide excellent inspiration for your next add-on. A small, outdoor piece can also be a great starter painting project. With only a small area to paint and the freedom to work outside you can really have some fun as you get your garden ready for spring. These are great spaces where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors, and by securing one in advance you can give yourself time and space to practice.

Invest In The Right Equipment

Painting isn’t a particularly strenuous activity but over a long period of time you’ll be using your arms quite a bit. Lifehacker pointed out a few basic tips for simplifying a home painting job, and noted that an extension for a roller can work wonders (and save you from uncomfortable stretching or too many climbs up the ladder). It was also mentioned that some of the higher priced brushes are actually well worth the extra money once you feel how comfortable they are compared to cheaper brands. This might not be necessary for a small paint job, but if you’re taking on a large wall, an entire room, or even your whole house, it can make a big difference.

These are simple pieces of advice, but can make for a much more enjoyable experience. They can also give you an idea of how to stay comfortable doing a few other household repair and upkeep activities.

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