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New build decorating :: Posted by: Admin on August 27th, 2013

New build decorating

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So you have bought a lovely new build property, it is just what you wanted, off street parking for two cars, a room for a home office, a lovely garden and a maintenance free exterior a kitchen to die for and a bath big enough to soak away the days stresses. But you move in and quickly become overwhelmed by the sea of magnolia and white everywhere. So you decide you are going to repaint and wallpaper your new property to suit your taste and style, but should you really be doing it?

Can I paint or wallpaper the interior of a new build property

When you move in you should be told by the builder what you should and should not do, generally builders say not to paint the interior walls from anything from 3 -18 months, this will depend on the construction of your house. Plasterboard walls dry quicker than rendered brick walls.

As a general rule of thumb 9 -12 months is typical. Your new house would of had a lot of water used in it’s construction, the timbers used still have moisture in them, by allowing this moisture to escape quickly by ventilating the property will help speed this process up.

Your builder may say you can re-decorate but only if you use non-vinyl emulsion and not to wallpaper the walls so moisture can escape. As the building dries out and settles you may get settlement cracks, these are not normally anything to worry about and simply need filling and redecorating, but if you think the cracks are bigger than they should be, get them checked out.

If you are unsure if you should decorate, always ask the builder who can advise you.

If you have bought a new build property you may find this PDF from NHBC worth a read and in particular Section 7 Page 11 about decorating.

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