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Water Stains :: Posted by: Admin on March 27th, 2012

How to deal with a ceiling water stain

First fix the leak

Always ensure the source of the leak is fixed and allow enough time for the water to dry out before decorating.

Getting started

When the source of the leak has been fixed and the water has fully dried out, the first thing I do if the stain is in a small area or areas is identifying the stains by drawing around each stain with a pencil so it was easier to see when I used the stain block.

Once I have highlighted all the water stains with a pencil, using a brush (or gloss roller for larger areas) I paint over the stained areas with Polycell Stain Block to cover the stains. I know how far to go as I had drawn around the stains! Having covered the stains and pencil lines with the stain block, I would then prepare the rest of the ceiling as required, filling cracks etc, while I waited for the stain block to dry. Some stains may need a second coat of stain block, if so allow the stain block to fully dry between coats. Allow the stain block to dry fully before decorating with your chosen finish coat, such as white emulsion.

Alternative options to stain block

Some people use an oil-based / solvent-based paints such as gloss, undercoat or satinwood to block out the stain, I have done this in the past but would only recommend using satinwood or undercoat due to it’s sheen level.

The finishing touch

When you paint over the stain block, satinwood, or undercoat with the finish coat which is normally emulsion you will notice the emulsion takes longer to dry over the stain blocked area’s, this is normal and you need to wait for these area’s to fully dry before applying a second coat of emulsion.

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