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Wallpaper Symbols :: Posted by: Admin on March 28th, 2012

Reading the label : Wallpaper symbols

wallpaper symbols
It is always important to read the labels and instructions when using any type of product for home improvements and DIY.

Manufacturers give information on their products for a reason, and often by reading these before starting work can save you time in the long run.

Wallpaper symbols can be found on product labels and in wallpaper sample books, knowing what they look like and what they mean can help when choosing the wallpaper that is right for the type of situation you are going to wallpaper.

But what do they mean?

The symbol can tell you if a paper is washable for example or which direction to hang the wallpaper and maybe which is better, to paste the wall or the paper.

For a full list of these type of symbols and their meanings please visit our wallpaper symbols resources page.

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Removing Rawl Plugs :: Posted by: Admin on March 27th, 2012

Rawlplugs : Removing Them

What is a Rawlplug ?

A Rawlplug (often referred to as a raw plug) is a small plastic or fibre insert used for fixing screws into masonry for example. It gets its name from the british engineer who invented it Mr Rawlings

Old Rawlplugs Left in the wall

When you come to either paint or wallpaper your walls and you have some old rawl plugs in the wall, it is important not to fill over them.

Not filling over the end of the plug is important, thus not leaving a big lump in the wall or under your paper.

Removing Rawlplugs

There are a couple options you could use for this problem.

You could, put a screw into the rawl plug (only a few threads) then use either a claw hammer or pliers to pull out the rawl plug. However, if the rawl plugs are a very tight fit there is a risk of pulling some of the wall off with the plug. Another option could be to just cut the tops off of the rawlplugs and then fill the hole leaving the plug in the wall, a knife or scrapper can be used to take off the top of the rawlplug.

A quick video demonstration

Below is a quick video showing you how to remove a Rawl plug.

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