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How to make a dark room lighter :: Posted by: Admin on November 27th, 2013

How to make a dark room lighter

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With the clocks going back in the last couple of weeks here in the UK, the nights will draw in and with the long grey winter ahead the thought of a dull dark room for the next few months could be too much! Well you can make a dark room lighter, the following quick tips could be all you need to bring a little light back into your life for this winter.

Careful consideration and adding a combination of the following ideas could completely change a room, and a once unloved dark (and maybe unused room) room could be a enjoyable space in your property to be used and enjoyed.


Once of the easiest ways to lighten a room is to decorate the space with light airy colours, colours that help reflect light, that doesn’t mean you have to paint everything white, although you could if you are going for an uncluttered clean look. Light natural colours with just a hint of colour work well. You can even buy paint that says to have light reflecting particles in it.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings such as curtains, carpets, cushions and throws in light colours can all help to reflect light. For example loose cushions on a sofa can give the appearance of a dark coloured sofa being lighter than it really is.

Curtains that are plain rather than highly patterned again can help reflect light and give the appearance of a lighter window area. Tiebacks allow you to pull the curtain off of the window, maximising the window area and letting more natural light flood in.


Most furniture can be painted, so if you are bored with your old dining table and chairs, how about painting them a light colour, the same goes for an old kitchen. Kitchen units can be painted in bright colours to cover over dark wood. It is far quicker and cheaper to paint old kitchen units than have them all replaced. This is only really an option if your units are in good condition and the units are not falling apart or have heat or water damage.

If the furniture is painted correctly you should get plenty more years out of them and enjoy the new lighter colour, just simply painting furniture, dining sets and kitchens can really make a difference to a room brightness.


Adding extra light into a dark space can improve a dark area, but his cost money, especially if you need to run the lights during the daylight hours. You could consider adding a sun pipe, this is a device that has a pipe from the roof into a dark room or space, it captures daylight and bounces it down the pipe and increasing the intensity of the light on it’s way, then natural light can fill the dark area.

An alternative to sun pipes or light tubes as they are sometimes known is a roof light, by this I mean a window in the roof, this will not only allow natural light in but has the added benefit of the window opening allowing in fresh air.

The other option is to install new lights, but you could use freestanding lamps, uplighters and desk lamp to add more light in certain areas of a room.


If you have bare wood floorboards you could paint the floor with floor paint a bright colour, such as white to help reflect light. If your floors are varnished, using gloss rather than satin or matt varnish will help reflect the light better.

Windows and doors

IF your windows or doors overlook a brick wall, a fence or a shed then painting them in a light bright colour will help push natural light into any room, but just make sure they are yours to paint before getting out your paint brushes!

If your windows are painted or stained dark, lighten them up by painting them a light colour.

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