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Can I paint over lining paper? :: Posted by: Admin on May 9th, 2012

Painting lining paper

Can I paint over lining paper?

A popular search that often comes up is, “Can I paint over lining paper?” Many people are not sure what lining paper is meant for or how to use it. This post will hopefully answer any of your questions about lining paper and its uses.

What is lining paper meant for

Lining paper has always primarily been used to give a smooth base in which to wallpaper over, however, a few years back wallpaper wasn’t fashionable and plain emulsioned walls, were all the rage but people soon realised that their walls were not that perfect, hence why they had the woodchip or embossed anaglypta or highly pattered wallpaper they had on the walls. So, the answer was to line the walls before painting them with emulsion. So yes, you can paint over lining paper.

About ten years ago it was rare to hang wallpaper but very common to remove wallpaper and line the walls and emulsion them. Even though plain emulsioned walls are still very common today there has been a return to wallpaper in the last few years and wallpapered feature walls have become very common, this is partly fashion but also cost, as wallpaper can be very expensive.

Lining paper

If you wish to emulsion your walls rather than wallpaper them but the plasterwork isn’t wonderful you can hang lining paper and then emsulsion over it, just remember, lininig paper will not give you wonderful smooth walls that are blemish free, it isn’t the quick and easy fix. You still need to fill and prepair the walls before lining them and you may still see some lumps and bumps.

If this is the route you wish to take you need to know how to hang the lining paper.

To cross line or not?

Cross-lining is where the lining paper is hung horizontally rather the vertically like traditional wallpaper, normally if you are going to be emulsioning over the lining paper you could hang it as you would wallpaper, vertically.

Once you have hung the lining paper you need to allow it to fully dry before you emulsion over it, this will take normally between 12 – 24 hours depending on drying conditions.

Cost and budget

We are all budget conscious these days and have to budget for all expenses, decorating is no exception. The cost of wallpaper these days can make decorating a room expensive, lining your walls and emulsioniing them is a good alternative to paying out for wallpaper for the entire room, having a wallpapered feature wall can make a focal point in any room. The advantage of emulsioning your walls is that you can change the look and feel of a room fairly cheaply just buy buying another colour of emulsion, you can keep on trend with the colour of the year rather than the latest fashionable wallpaper trend.

Ware and tear if you have young children or pets may also sway your choice, if you pay £30 upwards for per roll of wallpaper and the kids decide to draw all over it you may not be best pleased! If they do it to an emulsioned wall you may not be best pleased still but it can be sorted out quickly and cheaply buy painting over it.

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